SKINFOLK is a grassroots collaborative multi-sensory cultural "skinography" project capturing, archiving and celebrating the powerful headwrap stories of Diasporic Black communities through photojournalism, documentary film, digital storytelling, and interactive offerings designed to facilitate collective healing through holding space for and bearing witness to cathartic stories of reverence, reclamation and resistance.

SKINFOLK cultivates a liberated space for Black Diasporic people to transcend the ubiquitous consumption of Black suffering and Black death. Using the powerful range of visual storytelling to inspire empathy for self and others, SKINFOLK immerses people into an environment designed to increase the visibility of those whose cultural imprint on a community is in danger of being erased.

Each story will be featured in an online archive as individual vignettes highlighting the significance of the headwrap as both an icon and cultural lifeline throughout the African Diaspora culminating in a public gathering curated to include a screening of shorts followed by multimedia stations that will capture stories and reflections from guests.